Building the March for the Alternative…

Leeds General Branch is busy building for the TUC-organised March for the Alternative. On 26th March we want as many people as possible to march through the streets of London to send a clear message to the government that there is an alternative too their ideologically driven cuts agenda. So, we are publishing adverts across Leeds as well as organising targeted leaflet drops. In addition to this, we are also in the process of booking transport to the demo to ensure many can attend as possible.

Please email: for more info.

You can view and download the advert/leaflet design using the  link below. Just click on the link and then right-click, select ‘save as’ and then save as a PDF file.

March for the Alternative Advert

Solidarity with TSSA….

The Transport Salaried Staffs’ Association (TSSA) union and its members are currently engaged in a bitter dispute with London Underground management to prevent viscous cutbacks, including up to 800 jobs.

Industrial action has been suspended over the festive season to allow passengers to fully enjoy the holiday period. However, if management refuses to meet with TSSA  and discuss the issues at hand then there may well be a resumption of action in the New Year.

TSSA has already taken part in several successful industrial actions  and obviously those on strike are starting to feel the pinch. You can find out more about the dispute and how you can support those taking action to ensure the Underground remains safe here.

Anti-cuts snippets….

At the end of November, 170 people attended an anti-cuts meeting at Leeds Civic Hall.

The following weekend anti-cuts campaigners met at the Camden Centre in London for the inaugural national conference of the Coalition of Resistance. Around 1300 people were in attendance and discussed issues such as pensions, the NHS, education and the role of trade unions in fighting the ConDem cuts.  There were practical suggestions about how to challenge decisions about cuts to jobs and services as well as discussion about how efforts can be coordinated.

Tony Benn is one of the figures behind the Coalition and he was elected Honorary President to a standing ovation from the delegates.  You can read a longer report of the conference here. Now the main challenge is taking forward the campaign locally, in Leeds.


Coalition of Resistance (national).

Leeds Coalition of Resistance.

Demonstrate against the tax dodgers….

This Saturday(11th December) you can join the GMB Leeds General Branch and others to send a festive message to the government and their tax dodging friends, like Sir Philip Green. To avoid paying tax he registers his retail empire, Arcadia, in Monaco.

Green has just been hired by the Con-Dem government as an adviser. Meanwhile, they continue to let Vodaphone off the hook for the £6 billion in tax it owes. Of course, all this money could have been spent to prevent the massive cut backs the Con Dems are driving through. If your poor, unemployed, a student, elderly or any other member of society it seems this government expects you to pay but not their tax dodging friends. So, this Saturday we think its time to say enough is enough.

The demo is meeting at the Victoria Gardens in front of City Art Gallery at 12pm. Speakers include;

Jane Aitchison (PCS DWP Group President)
Ian Pattison (Leeds University occupation)

with more to be confirmed.  Please join us!

GMB Leeds General branch joins Sheffield Demo…..

Several hundred protesters braved the advancing winter weather and took to the streets of Sheffield on Saturday 23rd October as part of a nationwide day of campaign against the Coalition governments spending cuts.

Activists from the GMB General Branch in Leeds alongside those from the PCS, NUT, pensioners’ groups, trades councils, Unision, Unite, Green Party, Labour Party, unemployed activist groups and  many more were present.

TUC deputy general secretary Frances O’Grady told the demonstrators that the TUC was  “fully behind”  them in the fight against these savage cuts and invited the everybody to join the “biggest, boldest” mass rally in London next March.

A Sheffield councillor, Ben Curran, announced at the rally that he had defected to Labour from the Liberal Democrats because of “lack of resistance” shown by his party locally to the cutbacks and the “disgraceful decision” to cancel a government loan to local company Forgemasters.

“As Sheffield Lib Dem councillors, we were asked to defend what turned out to be a completely unjustifiable decision and it soon transpired that all the reasons in favour of cancelling the loan were just a pack of lies,” he told the rally.

Labour MP for Sheffield Central,Paul Bloomfield MP demanded that his fellow Sheffield MP and Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg step down as MP for Hallam as he was not elected to “savage Britain” and had “betrayed the people of Sheffield”.

The demonstration was a good start in the fightback against the governments assault on ordinary people. This GMB branch will continue to support the resistance to  these cuts and actively support working people affected by them.

Demonstrate in Sheffield….


12.30 P.M. TO 3.00 P.M., SATURDAY, 23RD OCTOBER, 2010,  outside Sheffield Town Hall.

The TUC Yorkshire and The Humber Regional Council, is organising this Demonstration in response to the Conservative – Liberal Democrat Coalition Governments unprecedented attacks on ordinary hard working people of this country and the brutal cutbacks to services in the recent Comprehensive Spending Review. This attack has very little to do with the state of the economy – it is part of a long-standing ideological objective of reactionary forces to get rid of our hard won social services and employment rights.


Brendan Barber,General Secretary, TUC.
Billy Hayes, General Secretary,CWU.
Tim Roach, Regional Secretary,GMB.
Juanita Charles,Regional Secretary,PCS.
Cliff Williams, Regional Secretary, UNISON.

Public Meeting: Fight Privatisation, Defend Jobs and Services

Leeds East Labour Party declares that it will shoulder-to-shoulder with those engaged in the defence of their public services, jobs and standard of living.

The Con-Dem Government has embarked on a massive assault upon the vast majority of people living in the UK.

We do not accept that ordinary people should pay for the greed and mistakes of the global bankers and financiers who, with their disastrous financial gambling, in pursuit of larger and larger profits have created this crisis.

There is an alternative to the slash-and-burn policies of the government whose policies are likely to force us into a double-dip recession with further negative consequences……JOIN THE RESISTANCE.

Public Meeting: Fight Privatisation, Defend Jobs and Services.

Thursday 21st October, 7:30 pm, Seacroft Village Hall (upstairs).


  • George Mudie, Labour MP for Leeds East – The Political Attack
  • Brian Caton, General Secretary POA (2000-10) – Prisons not for Profit
  • Paul Clays, Regional Secretary CWU –Keep the Post Public
  • Steve Murphy, Regional Secretary UCATT – Privatisation of Construction & Allied Trades Work in Local Authorities
  • Joan Keane, Regional Organiser GMB – Privatisation in the NHS
  • Tony Pearson, Regional Officer UNISON – Privatisation in local government
  • Pauline Cawood, Leeds Branch Secretary ASLEF – Rail Privatisation